Monday, October 28, 2013

A Few More Fall and Halloween Treats

This weekend I made a few more sugar cookies for fall and Halloween.  There were some great sales at Michael's this weekend, so I grabbed a few new-to-me cutters.  I also went ahead and bought a few clear bins to categorize my growing collection of cutters.  So far I have separate bins for the following categories:  Halloween, Fall/Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring/Summer Holidays, Guy Stuff, and Girly Stuff, Shapes, and Animals.  I can't figure out yet how to subcategorize animals though.  I'm thinking maybe mammals, reptiles, birds, marine creatures, and insects. 

The colors for the leaves came out better than I anticipated.  I was especially happy with the rusty red maple leaf.  I was going for the color palette of the plate below, and it came pretty darn close.  I used variations of orange, brown, burgundy and copper for these cookies.

I still can't figure out how to make the broom look like a broom.  It keeps coming out looking like a spatula.  The green has some yellow added to it to make it more electric green.

And the mini cookies were more fun than I thought.  A little cookie and icing goes a long way when making miniature cookies like this.  They are perfect size for little hands, and make sharing a breeze.  The Halloween candy bowl is full of chocolate fun size bars, so I think we are ready for trick-or-treaters now. 

Hope your week goes well, and don't forget to Fall Back an hour on Sunday, November 3rd.

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