Monday, October 28, 2013

A Few More Fall and Halloween Treats

This weekend I made a few more sugar cookies for fall and Halloween.  There were some great sales at Michael's this weekend, so I grabbed a few new-to-me cutters.  I also went ahead and bought a few clear bins to categorize my growing collection of cutters.  So far I have separate bins for the following categories:  Halloween, Fall/Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring/Summer Holidays, Guy Stuff, and Girly Stuff, Shapes, and Animals.  I can't figure out yet how to subcategorize animals though.  I'm thinking maybe mammals, reptiles, birds, marine creatures, and insects. 

The colors for the leaves came out better than I anticipated.  I was especially happy with the rusty red maple leaf.  I was going for the color palette of the plate below, and it came pretty darn close.  I used variations of orange, brown, burgundy and copper for these cookies.

I still can't figure out how to make the broom look like a broom.  It keeps coming out looking like a spatula.  The green has some yellow added to it to make it more electric green.

And the mini cookies were more fun than I thought.  A little cookie and icing goes a long way when making miniature cookies like this.  They are perfect size for little hands, and make sharing a breeze.  The Halloween candy bowl is full of chocolate fun size bars, so I think we are ready for trick-or-treaters now. 

Hope your week goes well, and don't forget to Fall Back an hour on Sunday, November 3rd.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Cookies

Today is the last class for public budgeting, and it also marks the halfway point of the Master's in Public Administration program that I'm currently working toward.  One year down, one more to go!  So a batch of sugar cookies were the perfect way to celebrate and also get in the Halloween spirit.  I normally don't like eating candy corns, but I absolutely loved making candy corn cookies.  They were so easy to shape without the use of a cookie cutter.  I used a thicker icing so that I could outline and flood in one step.  The black outlining really makes the colors pop and hides the uneven edges between the color changes.  I will definitely make these again this weekend.
 So the interesting part about not having a candy corn cookie cutter is that you get different sizes for each row of triangles that you create.  I cut out triangles, then snipped dough from each corner then rounded them off.
 I think my favorite of this group is the pumpkin.  It was my first time trying to mimic the wedges of a pumpkin.  Next time I will make the RIP lettering a bit bigger, and also go lighter on the brown for the acorn and the broom.  It was definitely a welcome study break.
Enjoy the candy, tricks and treats that you create this month.  And thanks for stopping by!