Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rainbow Cake Push-Ups and Unicorn Cookies

I volunteered at Commencement this weekend.  The weather was sunny with a mild beach breeze, and the experience in managing a processional and recession of graduating students was very rewarding.  Since my niece's birthday party was also on the same day, I spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings preparing rainbow cake push-ups and unicorn cookies in rainbows colors. 

I watched a few tutorials on You Tube to get an idea of how to make these rainbow cake push-ups.  So what I did was get a box of cake (yellow or white, doesn't matter) and followed the package directions.  Then I divided the batter evenly into six bowls and added Americolor gels.  This yielded three cupcakes per color.  I used a cookie cutter that fit inside the push-ups to cut each cupcake, then trimmed the top and bottom and sliced the round cutout into three pieces (9 slices per color x 6 colors yielded 54 slices).  I used store bought vanilla icing and piped that in between the 4 slices of cake and topped it with rainbow sprinkles.  Michael's sells the push-up containers in sets of 6 and 12; I bought the set of 12.  You'll end up with a few extra slices.  Just throw the scraps together to make cake pops.  So there you have it...rainbow cake push-ups.

I made the unicorn cookies on Thursday night, then iced them on Friday night.  One batch of royal icing divided evenly into six bowls will be more than enough icing.  I chose to make the icing in one consistency and piped it with disposable sandwich bags.  Easy.  Then Saturday after the icing was completely dry, I added silver edible dust on them to give them a sparkly sheen.

My niece really liked the rainbow treats, and her Mom did a great job of making sure everyone - both young and older - had a good time. 

Now onto household chores and studying.